Solstice Select Marketing Program


  • 2019 -- 92 Horses sold!!!!!!
  • 2018 -- 56 Horses sold!!! 
  • 2017 -- 55 Horses sold! 
  • 2016 -- 45 Horses Sold!             
  • 2015 -- 51 Horses sold!           
  • 2014 -- 40 Horses sold!

Solstice Training Center/Wendye Gardiner has an excellent reputation in selling horses. Hundreds of testimonials from owners of horses purchased through Wendye Gardiner are heart warming, proof positive and cause a lot of word of mouth and repeat buyers because people know they will get an honest, ethical representation of the horse, and Wendye will not sacrifice her reputation or the horse's happiness for a sale, for any reason.

The ability to match the right horse with the right person is of paramount importance. We believe our success lies not only in smart, efficient and extensive marketing but also in that we are forthcoming with the horses strengths AND weaknesses. All known attributes are disclosed to buyers. We test each horse rigorously in a variety of situations BEFORE we market them for sale so that we can describe them as accurately as possible to a potential buyer, so that no ones time is wasted in coming to see a potential new horse partner. We want to be absolutely sure that when the buyer takes their new friend home, the horse is exactly what they expected it to be, because if not, the horse may end up in a bad situation, and the horse's well-being is absolutely paramount. We will present him to buyers in an honest yet favorable light in a top notch facility by high caliber riders who are also very nice people. Sometimes just having a facility and riders who can show your horse in a positive light makes all the difference in the world.

We understand that the longer your horse stays in training the more you have into it and the more you stand to lose, so we strive to sell your horse as quickly as possible, we are horse owners too and know the costs involved! I work for you as your trainer but more than that, I work for the horse's longterm happiness and well-being and will keep both of these things at the forefront of my thinking. With that in mind, I also work for the buyer to be sure they find a partner in their new horse, and will advise them honestly, representing both seller and buyer with first class ethics resulting in a longterm and favorable partnership with buyer, seller, agent and horse!

An average of 4 horses sold per month over the last 3 years, we have a close pulse on the ever evolving market and feel that we know what it takes to find buyers to match up with Arabian horses, and decided to offer a marketing program in order to help sellers find home for their horses who fit into a specific criteria of horses in the highest demand.

We are NOT horse brokers. Every horse represented by Solstice has to be well known by Wendye Gardiner for an accurate representation of the horse. We will work with him, bond with him, find out what that horse wants in life and find his perfect person. 


  • $850/month, commited for up to 3 months.

Price will include:

  • Full care top notch board
  • Training as needed (2-4 days a week, turnout on off days)
  • Photos, videos, advertising and extensive marketing
  • Owner is responsible for Farrier and Vet care (if needed)
  • When horse is sold, commission will be paid to STC of 15% for horses under $7000 and 15% on horses over $7500

What you can expect:

The first week or two I generally spend getting to know the horse and exposing them to a lot of different scenarios to see how they react so I can market them accurately to find the best home possible

Average sale on a good minded, going horse is 2 months, have sold several in 1-2 weeks. However, please allow up to 3 months to find a good home - I will stay in close communication with you so that you know how it is going and my thoughts on your horses sales prospects as we go along.

I'm also happy to screen the buyers and then let you talk with them and approve the sale if you'd prefer -- many owners are selling their horses that they wish they did not have to, and I know it helps a lot to be able to talk with the potential buyer yourself, to find out if you think it is a good match. I just ask that you allow me to screen them and potentially show them the horse first.

Eligible Horses:

  • Registered Arabian or Half-Arabian, or Trail-safe horses of other breeds.
  • Mare or Gelding
  • Between the ages of 4 and 12 years old
  • Priced below $8,000
  • Started under saddle, able to walk/trot/canter in an unfamiliar location, safely. Does not have to be finished, does not have to be perfect, but has to be "broke" and ridable by the average amateur.
  • Good disposition and mentally and physically sound.

Horse eligibility requirements were established through extensive market research on what horses are of the most interest to the broadest market to have the greatest chance at selling to a good home in a reasonably fast time frame.  As with anything, the lower you can price your horse, the faster they are likely to sell

**We are happy to help you sell a horse that is not within these somewhat strict requirements, but will ask that he/she be placed in normal training at normal rates as it will potentially take more time and effort to find them a home. Stallions, Horses over $8,000, pregnant mares, unbroke horses, Non-Arabians, Yearlings, "interesting" temperaments -- every horse has a person out there waiting for them!

The market is ever evolving and changing, and finding a buyer is frequently a matter of being at the right place at the right time. Hang in there, and let us know if you'd like us to help!

*We do NOT sell outside horses on commission, but if you have a good horse you need to sell but can not afford or do not want to put him in training, we will keep him in mind if a buyer calls for a horse that we do not have, and send them your way -- at no cost. But realize, we will be putting the horses we represent directly first, and will stand behind them 100%

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