Dedicated to improving the way training is done. Putting the horse and it's well-being first and foremost, maintaining the highest standards in communication with the owner and achieving excellence in training without shortcuts.

Successfully training and competing in Halter, Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Dressage, Show Hack and Endurance, with numerous Class A, Regional and National wins for both herself and her amateurs.

With years of experience in the Arabian world, having worked with many of the notable names in the industry in multiple disciplines, Wendye Gardiner decided to go out on her own in 2011 and created Solstice Training Center, LLC. Solstice represents change - and that's what Wendye has set out to do. Proving you can do it right, you can keep the horse's well-being first and you can maintain high standards in communication, individualizing to both horse and owners needs and still successfully compete at the top level of competition without taking shortcuts. These high standards may sound impossible but she achieves them every day, and it shows in the horses happiness in their jobs and their overall quiet confidence.

Wendye's Halter horses stand out in a crowd due to their obvious enjoyment in their job. To them it’s a game and their delight and charisma really shows through bringing a special added "spark" in the show ring. Wendye prides her halter horses on their enjoyment of showing and their quiet confidence in their job, they are not intimidated but show just as hard as those who are -- the difference is in their happy, trusting expressions and the fact that they frequently have successful performance careers later in life.


The performance horses all have a solid foundation in Dressage before moving into their chosen discipline where they are brought along with individualized care and compassion. Each horse is evaluated slowly to determine the best future for them, believing that every horse has a job that they will excel in. Empathy is shown towards their individual temperaments, which brings along a more confident horse who has a special brilliance in their overall expression. Amateurs find that their horses are easy to ride, and their special personality shines through in the most positive light as they learn to become a true partner with their horse, rather than just a rider.

Honest and timely communication with both owners and buyers have garnered Wendye an iron-clad reputation within the industry for absolute honesty and integrity, putting the horse first and matching up horse to rider with a skill that can only come from knowing her horses inside and out. Stop by and visit, see for yourself what makes Solstice Training Center, so special!


Why Solstice?

  • Your horse is your friend, a part of your family. Someone with feelings and an individual personality. Not just a number, just an animal or a means to an end.
  • You want regular and personal updates and regular communication on your horse's progress, activities and notable reactions as his training progresses.
  • You want quality training, time taken with your horse to give him an honest and solid foundation with no gimmicks, going at your horse's individual pace without pushing him past his comfort-zone or forcing him into a discipline or frame that is unnatural for his mind and/or conformation.
  • You want the peace of mind that your horse is being treated as an individual, as a part of the family, as a friend while still being taught to behave with class, and perform with 100% of their ability.
  • You want an honest representation of your horse in the sales market; a good home and long-term match being priority.
  • You want premium training at affordable rates with no hidden fees or agendas.
  • Your horse's well-being comes first!



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Training Arabian horses to the highest standard, emphasizing communication and partnership. The horse comes first!
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